I’m starting this blog as a documentary, or diary if you like, about my journey to become a knitwear designer. Whether it leads to beeing a professional designer, or just making enough to cover my yarn expenses, I don’t know. But right now I’m really enjoying finding my way, my style. My stitch you could say.

The beginning of my knitting story I will tell in an other post. Instead I will jump to a day in June 2016. I bought some skeins of this beautiful light blue, silk mohair, fingering yarn. I was bubbling every time I looked at it and touched it. So soft, fluffy and warm. I had to buy a green (1. favourite colour) note-book and start drawing straight away. I could see a fluffy, feminine and vintage inspired summer-top appear.  After loads of research for the perfect lace pattern, I found the One. It was an arrow, a little chubby like a leaf. When all the math was done, the chart made and instructions written, I was ready to knit my sample. But as the lace grew longer I realised, I’ve knitted the chart the wrong way! I was doing a top down blouse, and the chart was obviously written down up, but I knitted it top down too… and you know what? That was the best mistake I could ever done! I mean, hello! The lace turned out so elegant, an even more chubby leaf, giving it the right amount of nature touch with the feminine and vintages vibe.

To be continued


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