“Dove blue”. That’s what it’s called. I think its more “ice blue”. “Spring-sky blue”. Anyway, its lovely. its soft, fluffy and light blue. Silk, mohair and wool. 56% mohair, 26% silk and 18% wool to be accurate. “Erle” its called. Motacilla. Thats right, it’s a yarn.

The first touch of this yarn filled me with a sensation I can not describe. All you yarnlovers know what I mean. I couldn’t stop smiling. Or touching it. I was in love.

This was my first meeting with what would become my first design, the Birchblouse. I heard about people saying they  knew what to knit as soon as they touched a new yarn. I’d never experienced it. Could not even imagine what they were talking about. Until Erle. I just knew this was going to be a feminine and vintagy garment. Lace. High waist. Tulip sleeves. This is the yarn that made me think “I can do this”. I can design something unique, I can be creative.

It’s been a long journey since that sensational realisation. Hard work, designing is. All the math, logistics. Charts. Endless counting. Techniques. I’ve grown to appreciate, and actually liking, swatches. There is a lot of valuable information in those tiny squares. And all this I learned because of that 50 grams of soft, fluffy and dove blue yarn.


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