I’m a fresh knitting designer, not a fresh knitter. I’ve been knitting from a young age. Mostly socks back then, mostly garments today. After I turned 30, I realised that my “something” might be something others would like too. So I decided  to wonder out in this great knitting universe. My style is influenced by my Sami heritage, and the use of bright colours comes from there. I love nature, and specifically structures and patterns found all around. I wear clothes that often are colourful and feminine, with a touch of retro feeling. My style in designing mirrors this. I call it “Vintagy”.

By now you might have thought “where is this gal from? Her english is far from proper”. I’m from far up north Norway. Where the light is brighter, darker and more colourful than any other place I’ve been to. Where wool is used all year round. Where an indoor-hobby is a lifesaver through the long winter. Where I learnt to knit. Where english is not a native language, which explains my rather special way of speaking it. (Lets just call it charming and move on).

I’m married to quite a dapper Spanglish jazz musician with a spanish guitar. So I knit to live music everyday. He is the most creative and idea-rich person I know, and an inspiration source without limit. He is the one that encouraged me to start designing. And I might add, my biggest fan. Together we have Zorro, a spanish podenco/labrador mix, a “labradenco” as my husband would say. I have a dozen nephews and nieces, who are the funniest people I know.

Beside being a knitaddict, yarnholic, and a fiber boss, I love mountain hiking.

If you like to see more of what I do, check out my Instagram profile or my Ravelry profile.


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